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Advances in analytical instruments Anyang Iron and Steel and its application in the steel analysis
Steel Analysis photoelectric direct reading spectrometer and other large analytical instrument applications are developed with the needs of steelmaking refining tie up second production plant in Anyang Iron and Steel will have annual production capacity of 10 million tons of steel for the steelmaking All clothing factory using instrumental analysis efforts of Quality Supervision quick analysis room. At the same time, with the large-scale iron and steel conglomerate sample, along with improvement of product quality and production accelerated pace, the steel from ore sintering, from raw material to iron, from steel to steel rolling, including oxygen plant, power plant Technical Center, X spectrometer, ICP spectrometer, atomic emission and absorption spectroscopy, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and gas chromatographs and other analytical instruments use has gradually spread. So that the instrument Angang analysis of more than 80% of the entire detection and analysis methods, and the results which is both scientific and technological progress, but also the development trend of the modern iron and steel enterprises, only attaches great importance to the process of steel production process analytical equipment used, standardized operation, maintenance and training of personnel in order to ensure the stability of aspects to improve the quality of steel products.
Spark, arc, glow and ICP and other sources in order to spark an arc light source using the earliest, most widespread, Front analyzers such sources mainly due to the development of electronic technology and computer technology, the source of all kinds Parameters such as AC-DC, high and low voltage, energy discharge, the number of time settings are free to choose, to make the best match% content Shimadzu PDA-line copper, magnesium, lead, zinc, tin, titanium, nickel, cobalt and other analysis. The main advantage of this technique is the PDA can not properly remove the sample pulse itself due to the sample pores, defects such as cracks and inclusions generated when excited state, thus to reduce the analytical error caused by the increase of the analysis element accuracy, especially to improve the accuracy of analysis of trace elements, the analysis while reducing the lower limit of the sample, the pulse area and the non-solid solution solid solution elements can be separate elements, so that the state of elemental analysis.
Due to the need for new kinds of steel line analysis of nitrogen, and direct-reading spectrometer equipped N149.2nm channel, Shimadzu PDA-7000 spectrometer detection limit of the nitrogen 2.5- ICP emission spectrometer since the advent of the 1970s, the development of very fast, from the measurement of progress in terms of, as many as 64 channels, but also has a flexible single-channel scanning. A new generation of full-wave detector CCD spectrometer to achieve a direct reading off from 165-860nm range while the selected spectral lines detected, this is the whole meaning of the compound daphne. ICP sources are more stable than the arc spark source, linear dynamic range of competing, low detection limit, which uses samples were wet chemical treatment solution was analyzed by the gasification of solid sample can be measured ICP introduced, it can be used pure standard substances formulated as a working standard solution, and measured using the standard curve method, so that a reliable and accurate method, and chemical spectrophotometry samples are available as standard methods. ICP also began to establish the current ISO standard analytical methods, which not only shows the effectiveness and reliability of the ICP spectrometry, but also that ICP spectrometer with a wide range of applications.
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is non-destructive testing instrument that can analyze solid powder and liquid. Its adaptation to a wider range than the emission spectrometry. Easier to use. Shimadzu MXF-2400 type fast wavelength of Quality Supervision section rolling mill compartment two laboratories using dispersive x-ray fluorescence, plays an important role in the Front rapid analysis. According to x-ray fluorescence spectrometry method to configure multi-channel (co-analysis of 14 channels). x-ray fluorescence MXF- 2400 based on the analysis of process control and research on various elements of the design, showing the sensitivity, accuracy, stability, speed and operational performance analysis are prominent features. After the x-ray tube of a x-ray excitation of atoms in the sample to produce fluorescence (secondary) x-ray, separated by lines of each element, and it is converted into an electrical signal, the x-ray photons using electrical amplifier The pulse signal is transmitted to the processing unit for qualitative and quantitative analysis, the whole process fast and accurate.
4. steel gas analyzer progress metals C, S, 0, N, H analysis is more typical. An introduction of the new German steel company ELTRA C, S- 2000, its infrared cell does not require any manual adjustment zero, and zero and sensitivity of the infrared cell is automatically controlled by the electronic unit, quite stable. Detector is composed of a solid-state sensor and the filter, gas filter sensor is not, therefore, rule out a gas leak is a matter of long-term research, and C, S-2000 was equipped with four independent infrared pool, four Infrared cell length is after optimization to ensure the best level of analysis user. The length of each infrared pools from 1 to 320mm, greatly improving the precision and accuracy of the analysis. Oxygen and nitrogen content of a great impact on the quality of steel, oxygen can reduce the steel tensile and impact resistance and other mechanical properties, the oxide inclusions are also a major cause of cracking steel produced, but sometimes oxygen as the alloy was able to increase the beneficial ingredients appropriate to add the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance: the residual nitrogen in the steel, will lead to macroscopic tissue loose steel, and even the formation of bubbles, when the nitrogen content is too high, the toughness of steel decreases, the hardness and fragility, and even generate blue brittle phenomenon, but the right amount of nitrogen in the steel grain refinement able to promote and improve the hardness and strength of steel. Therefore, to improve the quality of steel, steel to improve performance, to grasp the real content of oxygen and nitrogen in steel, steel smelting it. Important. Angang use Horiba oxygen and nitrogen analyzer EMGA-620w hydrogen content of the test for oxygen and nitrogen in steel. When using the Joule heat due to the generation, the crucible temperature rose rapidly when a strong current through two electrodes sandwiched between the upper and lower graphite crucible, first, the expulsion of the graphite crucible of gas under high temperature conditions, and then the sample is placed in a crucible In the sample thermal decomposition at high temperatures, the oxygen in the sample and from the crucible connate carbonized carbon dioxide (CO) gas, nitrogen in the sample to form nitrogen (N2), ammonia is generated in the sample ammonia ( ), these gases are helium (He) carriers were sent to a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) tester and thermal conductivity (TCD) detectors were tested and where the CO content.
Nitrogen sensitivity precision (repeatability) of oxygen when the sample concentration is less than 0.0020% n / m) on-1 <0.000l% (m / m) at the same time, the rapid development of the ICP spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer is still a place ANGANG Purkinje General TAS- -986 using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (continued on page 373) Information Technology Architecture and Engineering grade, choose targeted impervious wall, relief wells and other engineering measures to address diffuse no question. Thus, selecting two Xikou explain as best addressing scheme was finally settled.
Chaozhou Water Supply Project launched in winter 2002, after three set tight construction finally in 2005, September 28, saying impoundment power, a majestic and magnificent modern Water Supply Project is gradually play its economic benefits.
If you then select a smaller amount of construction, to generate electricity for bamboo gorge explain Taniguchi site, NA me, in the vicinity of the large area of ​​Chaozhou city water, Chaozhou see the tide! Name does not match the reality, today, in retrospect Chaozhou Water Supply Project Water illustrates the work site, it is the beginning of the election in bamboo mountain, followed by two Xikou and in the end, that is, from the gorge into the plain, because the tide reciprocating embracing Chaozhou city named restored historic look.
After building a database illustrates impoundment dam upstream water level rises, the water depth increases, urban water supply and irrigation has been a strong guarantee, while improved sufficiently upstream Chaozhou 37km navigable conditions, the maximum shipping tonnage of 300t. Chaozhou city area formed the water competing wide artificial lakes, a river and beautify the urban landscape, and promote the development of tourism. Water Upper effective illumination time growth conducive to the growth of plankton, the water clean, so many years of four fish back. When you stand head and saw Fenghuangzhou Taotao, a long history, Shoshi bridge surpassed the year style.
In building a database after impoundment, through the rational allocation of downstream Hanjiang east, west, north stream resources to create a broad space for urban, agricultural and industrial water supply, ecological environment has been protected by the (Continued from page 336 ) dollars, the analysis of chrome-nickel steel sample copper and other trace elements also for the first rolling factory for refining inclusions in steel, to stabilize and improve the quality of steel 82B to provide a reliable guarantee. Its central part is to fully atomized analyte currently the most widely used method is to flame atomic law and graphite furnace heating method, graphite furnace detection limits can be up to 10 of these two methods in the analysis of arsenic, antimony, bismuth, tin When Pb interference, low sensitivity with two notable features of these elements in the physical and chemical properties: low melting point, decomposition temperature is low, generated heat is very positive, using amide law to enable them to effectively occur mainly carved from the sample matrix Ru turned out amides, ie amides generator, using a strong reducing agent in a solution of hydrochloric acid amide and ammonia is generated and the role of the analyte. Both convenient, and accurate measurement of trace elements in steel RSD <5% or so.
6. Progress on morphological analysis in continuous casting process, molten steel is closely related to the degree of purification of soluble aluminum in steel and acid-insoluble aluminum analysis is very important. Different manufacturers make different measurement methods. ARL and other companies using some of integration can be measured <1.0% of acid soluble aluminum, Shimadzu PDA - 1017 was determined by the pulse frequency distribution method Als range of 0.5% Steel Quality Supervision fast compartment proposes full integration measurement method. Molybdenum, the formula method to measure aluminum * Als = 0.997-0.006. Als measurable range <0.1%, so as to solve the iron and steel smelting soluble aluminum and aluminum Rapid Determination of acid-insoluble problem.
To greatly improve the local infrastructure and investment environment in order to promote food, ceramics, clothing, electronics industry as the mainstay of the four pillars of industrial and agricultural production to achieve rapid growth. It is understood that during this period of industrial and agricultural output value of 29.653 billion yuan Calida to economic growth in nearly nine years, the best level, an increase of 18.0 percent. Use to attract foreign investment $ 15,070,000, an increase of 40.6%. Tourism to achieve faster growth a total of 553,500 tourists trips, to achieve total tourism income 381,000,000. In early 2007 a total of 69 projects have been included in the planning and construction of key projects in the East, planning a total investment of 45.611 billion yuan. Greatly enhanced the development potential of the Hanjiang River.

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